Cooking with Purpose

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Cooking with Purpose 

The Health Center at Auraria aims to bring you healthy recipes that also taste good! Each of the recipes below have been selected by our Registered Dietitian, Natalie, and evaluated for their cultural relevance and nutritional benefits. We recognize that when it comes to really anything in healthcare, one size never fits all. We celebrate our campus’ diverse food cultures and traditions.

If you would like to learn more about these recipes, or get your hands on healthy, sign up for one of our monthly cooking gatherings hosted by our registered dietitian!


Chana Masala

An Indian favorite, Chana Masala, full of chana also known as chickpeas. Chana is a protein rich superfood, also dense in Folate and Manganese which promote fertility and thyroid health. Filled with a variety of spices, every spoon of this dish is packed with flavor.

Fire Roasted Salsa

Orale! This is the only salsa recipe you will ever need. Salsa is a great way to bring additional depth to any dish you make at home. This salsa is filled with chiles and tomatoes, giving any dish you add it to, a healthy dose of vitamin C. It’s also a great way to add more dimension to food without increasing the sodium of your meal.

Hearty Tabouleh

This refreshing summer grain salad makes a hearty meal on a warm day. Rich in citrus flavor, and made with a complete protein, this dish is a delicious way to help you achieve your daily fiber intake! Regularly eating insoluble fiber is great a way to maintain a healthy weight, and stay satiated until your next meal.

Slide del Cielo

By building your own pizza, you can prepare traditional take out that does not compromise nutrition. Lower in sodium and loaded with produce, you can top this pizza with just about anything. The more diverse the toppings are, the wider the variety of vitamins and minerals there are.

Three Sisters Stew

Corn, squash, and beans are a staple in Native American agriculture and cuisine. Traditional dishes like these are a great way to pay tribute and remember those we have lost. This stew maintains and promotes healthy blood sugar and improves digestion.

Fresh Tortillas

Fresh tortillas can go with any dish, especially since you can stuff them with just about anything! Tortillas can be made in a variety of ways, corn, cassava, sweet potatoes, but flour tortillas are our favorite! Anything can be stuffed in these tortillas, from salad, eggs, to beans and hummus, the combinations are endless. Veggie tacos are one of the best ways to get your days’ worth of veggies!

Springtime Rolls

Spring rolls are crunchy delicate rolls that have made their way onto many tables, due to their simplicity, and whole ingredients. It can be challenging to eat fresh produce, but wrapping a variety of vegetables in rice paper creates an explosion of flavors. Health experts recommend eating the rainbow, the more colorful the produce the wider the variety of nutrients.

Calabacitas Locitas

Calabacitas are a Mexican staple on cold days. This warm dish is versatile as it can be paired with beans or rice, or even eaten by itself! Layered with pantry staples, zucchini is the star of the show, high in antioxidants and vitamin A. Vitamin A supports a healthy immune system and is good for eye health as well as reproductive needs!

Pride Gnocchi

We are celebrating the LGBTQ+ community with our colorful pasta! Bring Italy to your kitchen, by mixing pantry staples, potatoes or carrots, and flour you’ll see how easy it can be to fresh pasta at home! The more colorful a potato/carrot the more nutrient-dense it is! This can help you pick high quality produce when you’re shopping. Top with your favorite veggies and you have yourself a well-rounded meal!

Midwinter Bean Chili

Beans are underrated. They are loaded with fiber, making them an absolute powerhouse when it comes to maintaining optimal gut health. This dish features pinto and black beans, which work together to make this dish creamy and hearty. Chili is one of the best gateways into incorporating beans into your everday diet because the different spices you can use bring out unique flavors in the beans. They also give you a lot of control over the variety of flavors in the chili!

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