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Health Insurance

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Health Insurance

All insured or uninsured AHEC, CCD, MSU Denver and CU Denver students, faculty or staff members have access to Medical and Mental healthcare at the Health Center at Auraria.  Many insurance companies include the Health Center at Auraria as an in-network provider.  This means that insured individuals usually pay less when using an in-network provider, because our doctors must meet certain credentialing requirements and agree to accept a discounted rate for covered services under the health plan in order to be part of the network.  

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Private Health Insurance Plans
MSU Denver Student Health Insurance Plan
CU Denver International Student Health Insurance Plan
No Insurance/Self-Pay Patients

The Health Center does not offer health insurance coverage that can be purchased. However, we are a Certified Application Assistance Site assisting students who are interested in applying for Colorado’s Medicaid Program.  

The only health insurance options available for students are coordinated by the individual institutions. Each University/College has different student Health Insurance requirements. If your school has a Student Health Insurance Plan, it’s important to understand the requirements for enrollment. Whether a student has Student Health Insurance or not, they can still access Medical Services and Mental Health Services at the Health Center at Auraria.

Below is a summary of school requirements for Student Health Insurance.

CCD does not offer a Student Health Insurance Plan.

MSU Denver has a mandatory Student Health Insurance Plan for MSU Denver students taking 9 or more credit hours in either the Fall or Spring Semester, often times referred to as MSU Denver Student Health Insurance Plan.

CU Denver has a mandatory Student Health Insurance Plan for CU Denver International students, often times referred to as CU Denver International SHIP. CU Denver does not offer an Insurance Plan for Domestic students.

With many options and the changing landscape of health insurance, it can be challenging to understand. To help with this, you can read Health Insurance 101.

No Student Insurance Plan includes dental coverage. Additional information about Dental Coverage and Discount Dental Clinics can be found at Dental & Vision Care Resources.

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