Domestic Student Health Insurance Requirement

Domestic Student Health Insurance Requirement

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Domestic Student Health Insurance Requirement

All MSU Denver Students taking 9 or more credit hours in the Fall or Spring are required to have health insurance that complies with the University Requirement. If you’re an International Student, please refer to the International Student Health Insurance Requirement.

Students can meet the requirement by fulfilling option A or B.

Option A:
Students can accept automatic enrollment in the University-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). There is no need to take any action or to sign up for SHIP.

Enrollment in SHIP is automatic when a student registers for 9 or more credit hours in the Fall or Spring. The SHIP premium is automatically added to a student’s tuition and fee account.

Students who register for 9 or more credit hours, but subsequently drop below 9 credit hours before the waiver deadline, will automatically have the insurance charge removed from their tuition bill and will not be covered by SHIP for the semester.

Option B:
Students insured by a University compliant health plan can submit an online health insurance waiver by the deadline to opt-out of the University sponsored SHIP.  The waiver is required to opt-out each Fall and Spring semester. Students can access the waiver submission link within their Student Hub profile.

Details of the Health Insurance Waiver Requirements are explained below.

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Health Insurance Waiver Requirement Information

Students who do not opt-out by the deadline will show having the health insurance premium on their tuition bill and will be automatically enrolled. There will be no refunds after the deadline. Coverage Dates, Premiums & Deadlines.   

Important! To opt-out of the Student Health Insurance each semester, your insurance plan must be activated by September 1 for the Fall semester, and by February 1 for the Spring semester, and have continuous coverage that meets all requirements below.

Personal health insurance must include the following for waiver approval:
  • Allow you to receive comprehensive health care services anywhere in Colorado.
  • Offers an unlimited annual plan maximum (no paid claims maximum).
  • Does not have a pre-existing condition limitation.
  • Annual out-of-pocket that does not exceed the current insurance Marketplace individual and family plan limits.
  • Includes the Ten Essential Health Benefits listed below.
 All Ten Essential Health Benefits are required for waiver approval:
  • Ambulatory Patient Services
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Emergency Services
  • Hospitalization
  • Laboratory Services
  • Maternity and Newborn Care
  • Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Treatments (including behavioral health treatment)
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Preventive and Wellness services
  • Rehabilitative and Habilitative Services and Devices

Note: The MSU Denver Student Health Insurance Plan includes the benefits listed above, plus more.

The following are examples of some health care plans that do not include the Ten Essential Health Benefits, therefore would not be approved during waiver audit.
  • Plans issued outside of the United States of America (USA) or with a foreign phone number.
  • Travel Plans
  • Colorado Indigent Care Program (CICP)
  • Limited Benefit Plans (annual or lifetime policy maximums, such as number of office visits or an amount for paid claims)
  • Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC)
  • Catastrophic Plans
  • Short Term Medical Plans (STM)
  • Injury Only Plans
  • Hospital Only Plans
  • Cancer Only Plans
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)
  • Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs) without an attached health insurance plaa

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