International Student Insurance Requirement

International Student Insurance Requirement

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International Student Insurance Requirement

All MSU Denver Students taking 9 or more credit hours in the Fall or Spring are required to have health insurance that complies with the University Policy Requirements. As an International Student there is specific information relevant to you covered below that you need to be aware of. 

F1 VISA Students

International students on an F1 visa are automatically enrolled in the University sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) if registered for 9 or more credit hours. The SHIP plan will provide you with quality health insurance while attending MSU Denver. 

Health plans issued by home countries are not accepted for waiver purpose. F1 Students are not able to opt-out out of the University coverage with a health plan that is not issued from the United States of America.  

Only those health insurance plans that offer Essential Health Benefits associated with the Affordable Care Act “ACA” U.S. laws, will meet the University Requirement for waiver purpose. 

J1 VISA Students

J1 students can meet the University Health Insurance Policy by fulfilling either option A or B.

Option A:
J1 Students can accept automatic enrollment in the University-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). There is no need to take any action or to sign up for SHIP.

Enrollment in SHIP is automatic when registered for 9 or more credit hours in the Fall or Spring semester. SHIP premium is automatically added to a student’s tuition and fee account.

J1 Students who register for 9 or more credit hours, but subsequently drop below 9 credit hours before the waiver deadline, will automatically have the insurance charge removed from their tuition bill and will not be covered by SHIP for the semester.

Option B:
J1 students insured with verifiable compliant health insurance can submit an online health insurance waiver by the deadline to opt-out of the University health insurance. The online waiver is required for each semester of attendance.

J1 students who register for 9 or more credit hours, and have  health insurance meeting the waiver requirements below, can opt-out of SHIP as long as they do so by the deadline. See Coverage Dates, Premiums & Deadlines

J1 students who miss the waiver deadline will have the health insurance premium charged to their tuition and be automatically enrolled on SHIP with no option of  a refund.

University Student Health Insurance Waiver Requirements for J1

MSU Denver SHIP meets U.S. State Department required minimum health insurance coverage for a J1 Visa. The University health insurance requirement is the State Department’s minimum required coverages. J1 students who have health coverage meeting the minimum coverages listed below are eligible to submit an Opt-Out Waiver as long as plan benefits are verifiable in written English or by calling a USA phone number. 

Minimum Coverage Requirements:

  • A deductible of no more than $500 per accident or illness
  • Medical benefits of at least $100,000 per accident or illness
  • Repatriation of remains coverage in the amount of $25,000
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation Expenses in the amount of $50,000

Note: The University’s SHIP Benefits meet all U.S. State Department’s minimum coverage requirements for a J1 Visa. Please see SHIP Premium & Coverage Dates for specifics.

Optional Practical Training (OPT) Students

Students who select to participate in the “Optional Practical Training” program (OPT) upon graduation can choose to continue SHIP coverage for up to two years after graduation. If you decide to participate in the OPT program, contact the MSU Denver Student Insurance office to complete the required paperwork.

Please note that to participate in this special “after graduation option” you must request this coverage prior to your graduation date AND be enrolled on SHIP during your last semester of attendance at MSU Denver.

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