Opt-Out Waiver Instructions

Opt-Out Waiver Instructions

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Opt-Out Waiver Instructions

 Insurance waivers are accepted starting July 1st when the opt-out form will open for the Fall 2021 semester.

Students who are enrolled in 9 or more credits in Fall or Spring Semester with a University compliant Health Insurance Plan can elect to opt-out of SHIP. This must be done every Fall or Spring semester a student is taking 9 or more credits and would like to opt-out of SHIP. And it must be submitted by the posted deadline each semester.

All waivers are completed online by following the instructions below. An Opt-Out Waiver is required every Fall and Spring Semester a student is taking 9 or more credits and does not wish to have SHIP.

Please note the official means of communication for SHIP is via the student’s MSU Denver email. Emails are sent to the student’s official MSU Denver email from “ECI Services”.  ECI Services is the approved health insurance audit company for the MSU Denver Student Insurance Office. Please check your spam email if you are not receiving ECI Services official email notices and reminders.

Please wait 24-36 hours after you add classes (totaling 9 or more credits), and fees are assessed to tuition, in order to access the online waiver form.

  1. Visit the MSU Denver Student Hub at msudenver.edu/studenthub
  2. Under Web Services, click on Main Menu
  3. Log-in with your MSU Denver NetID and Password
  4. Go into the Insurance Waiver tab
  5. Click the link Submit a Waiver or View a Waiver to be directed to the waiver form hosted by ECI Services “Elev834” for MSU Denver. An additional log-in authentication may be required before being directed to Elev834 and the waiver.
  6. Fill in all required fields and verify the information is input correctly. If your demographic information at the top of the waiver form needs updating, please go to the Student Hub after submitting the waiver and make changes under your Personal Information tab. 
  7. Sign (type) your name in the signature box located at the bottom of the waiver exactly as it is shown pre-populated at the top of the waiver form, including any middle name, initial, period or hyphen.
  8. Submit your waiver then look for a confirmation page and email. The waiver did not successfully submit if you do not see a confirmation page immediately after clicking submit.

Please look for a confirmation email from ECI Services in your MSU Denver email account confirming you have successfully submitted the waiver and it’s “pending” audit. Submitting a waiver does not mean waiver approval.

Please allow 10-15 business days for waivers to be audited. Once the audit is complete, a verification email from ECI Services will be sent to your MSU Denver email account stating that the audit of your insurance waiver was completed and is either approved, denied, or in re-submit status. Please read all ECI Services email notices to be informed of any actions that could be taken in order to complete a waiver audit. 

Once a waiver is approved, the student health insurance charge will be removed from your tuition account. 

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