Coverage Dates, Premiums & Deadlines

Coverage Dates, Premiums & Deadlines

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Coverage Dates, Premiums & Deadlines

Opt-Out Waiver Deadlines

Waiver Deadlines

Fall 2022: September 7, 2022

Spring 2023: February 2, 2023

Summer 2023: A wavier is not necessary – The Insurance Requirement does not apply to this semester 

Each Fall or Spring semester a student is enrolled in 9 or more credit hours and would like to opt-out of SHIP, they need to complete the online Opt-Out Waiver form. The waiver form link is located in the Student Hub profile menu.

Healthcare plans must be in effect no later than September 1st to opt-out of the Fall semester and February 1st to opt-out of the Spring semester.

MSU Denver students can find more information on the policy by going to the International Student Insurance Requirement or Domestic Student Insurance  Requirement.

SHIP Premium & Coverage Dates
Fall 2022 $ 1185 August 22, 2022 thru January 16, 2023
Spring/Summer 2023 $ 1659 January 17, 2023 thru August 20, 2023
Summer 2023 $ 705 June 5, 2023 thru August 20, 2023
*The University Health Insurance fee is not automatically charged to students in Summer semester, and it’s optional for incoming summer students to enroll in the University insurance when taking 9 or more summer credits.

Opt-In Deadlines for Voluntary SHIP Enrollment

Exclusively for Graduate students taking 6-8 credits, Graduating students taking 8 credits or less, or Summer only students taking 9 or more credits. Students can opt-into SHIP by completing an enrollment form and submitting it to the MSU Denver Student Insurance office by the posted semester deadlines below.

Opt-In Deadlines:

Fall 2022: September 7, 2022
Spring 2023: February 2, 2023
Summer 2023:  June 20, 2023

Information about the opt-in enrollment process for  Graduate students, Graduating students, Summer semester and a loss of coverage situation can be found under Special Coverages.

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Please note there is a failed appointment fee of up to $50.00 for missed appointments or short notice cancellations (less than 24 hours).