Special Coverages

Special Coverages

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Special Coverages

There are three different categories in which MSU Denver students can Opt-In to the Student Health Insurance Plan by the posted opt-in deadline.

For all Students who meet the requirements to Opt-In to SHIP listed below, they can voluntarily Opt-In by the posted opt-in deadline and submitting all required forms to the MSU Denver Student Insurance office.

Graduate Students

Graduate Students taking 6-8 credits in Fall or Spring Semester can opt-in to SHIP by completing and submitting the Graduate Student Enrollment Form to the MSU Denver Student Insurance office by the  opt-in deadline posted on Coverage Dates, Premiums & Deadlines.

Graduating Students

Undergraduate Students taking less than 9 credit hours in their final Fall or Spring semester prior to graduation, can enroll in SHIP by completing the Graduating Student Enrollment Form

In addition, written documentation by the student’s academic advisor stating the student has less than 9 credit hours to graduate and that the student will graduate at the end of the enrolled semester is required.

The enrollment form, academic advisor letter and CAPP report must be submitted directly to the MSU Denver Student Insurance office by the posted opt-in deadline to enroll in SHIP. 

Summer Semester Coverage

If you are enrolled in Spring Semester SHIP, the plan includes Summer Semester coverage.

Optional Summer Semester health insurance coverage is available for students who are new to the plan and register for 9 or more Summer credits by the posted deadline. There is no mandatory requirement for summer only students to be enrolled in SHIP for the Summer Semester since they were not enrolled in the Spring.

Your tuition account cannot be billed for the Summer health insurance premium, instead the Summer Enrollment Form must be completed and the premium must be paid by check or credit card, and submitted to the MSU Denver Student Insurance office by the opt-in deadline posted on Coverage Dates, Premiums & Deadlines to enroll in SHIP.

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